Press Release Templates

As an advertising, marketing or public relations professional or as a business owner, there are tons of things to do, keeping you busy—and writing a press release can be time consuming. This is where our press release templates come in handy.

With appropriately constructed, topic-oriented press release templates, you can start with a press release for your business, website, event or any other needs for your business.

  • Carefully created for specific purposes (event, product release,etc.)
  • Saves you the cost of having a copywriter
  • Saves you the time of writing the release yourself
  • Communicates your message professionally
  • Properly formatted for press and immediately ready for release
  • Brand awareness for your company or organization
  • Specifically oriented towards target audience
  • Easy to fill with information you want to communicate to the target audience
  • Available whenever you need it
  • Increases your business exposure to the target market
  • Easy to fill out without worrying about styling or formatting

Browse and use any of our many press release templates below.

  1. App Press Release Template
  2. Band Press Release Template
  3. Book Launch Press Release Template
  4. Campaign Launch Press Release Template
  5. Charity Event Press Release Template
  6. Event Press Release Template
  7. Film Press Release Template
  8. Grand Opening Press Release Template
  9. Product Launch Press Release Template
  10. Restaurant Press Release Template
  11. Small Business Press Release Template
  12. Website Press Release Template

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